I believe each person has the best answers to questions and challenges in their own lives. My job is to help you reveal your unrevealed but still excisting potential and resources.
A process that amongst other things will make it easier to make more conscious and appropriate choices, feel a greater freedom, and be responsible for your own actions.

Merete’s Garden – A Retreat surrounded by stunning scenery, beautiful nature in the relaxed atmosphere of a health farm in Valldal on the northwest coast of Norway.

A retreat gives you the opportunity to unwind and experience a deeper relaxed feeling. You get to know different sides of yoga. You have an opportunity to eat healthy, vegetarian food and feel what it does to your body. Here you can experience what a withdrawal from social life and less stimuli and distractions can do for you. Yoga, meditation, relaxation and walks in the nearby beautiful countryside will give you renewed energy and well-being. You will also have some time for yourself and for social activities.

 At the yoga center in Valldal you will be sleeping in comfortable beds in tents (glamping) for 2 people. You can go hiking in the mountains with the view of the fjord and swimming in the river or the sea. 16 beds at the retreat.


  • Peace and Quiet
  • Close to nature
  • Sauna


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Yogahelg - retreat i Valldal 2024

Yogahelg - retreat i Valldal 2024

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