Meditation, yoga & spa


Meditation enables you to be more focused and gives you an opportunity to rest into yourself.

Present Moment Meditation
Meditation Inner Stillness.

In present moment meditation we use breathing as our tool. We keep coming back to our breath. What we do in this meditation is to be aware of what arises in the moment.

In Meditation Inner Stillness we meditate with a curiosity towards surrounding sounds and to what arises in our mind. We also work with concentration and you learn how to master the mind. It is aimed at obtaining relaxation and openness. In this meditation some instruction is given.


60 minutes: NOK 800
or NOK 150 per participants.

Walk in Nature

By being in nature we might recognize what is natural within us.
Merete takes you on a mindful walk in silence, in order to observe the beautiful surroundings and take in nature. The walk starts in our Japanese Garden with a Zen-walk, and continues through forest and along a beautiful river.
The mindful walk will help you to be present and reduce stress.


Price for 2 hours: NOK 350 per person.
Min. 3 persons or NOK 1050 per guided walk.

Classic Yoga

Yoga practice gives you more energy, clarity and peace. It is a joyful exercise that will also make you stronger, more supple and relaxed. There is no need for previous practice. It is up to you how intensely you want to train. Let go of all demands, listen to your body and get to know it.
In the mental practice we’ll teach you how thoughts, emotions and pictures can influence the body. You learn how to deal with it and how to break negative thinking patterns.


Private Class: NOK 650 per 60 minutes per person.
One private class for groups from 2 persons: NOK 900
One Single Class drop in, 90 minutes: NOK 200

Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep)

In this relaxation technique you are guided to the area between the awake state and sleep.
We constantly submit ourselves to impressions, which can be both interesting and stimulating. We might, however, have a tendency to forget to balance this with silence and relaxation.
Yoga Nidra lasts for 35-40 minutes and provides a good break for body and mind.
You’ll experience that rest and “being” is a refreshing and alive place to be in order to find your balance.

Price: NOK 350 a person

Yoga and Spa – One Day Offer

Those who wish to finish their week with a relaxing spa can join our arranged groups or make your individually arrangement when you have time. Yoga and sauna is a very popular combination to help stressing down.

Price: NOK 550 pr. person, minimum 2 persons. Sauna only NOK 360,- pr. person, minimum 2 persons.

Also possible to hire the Gullåna bathhouse for a special arrangement with sauna, massage, yoga or mindfulness. Contact us for prices.

Yoga & spa shop: Here you can buy eco-friendly quality products. Yoga Active wear clothes from Asquith of London and spa- products from England, Portugal and Scandinavian.

The Spa

We wish to give you the feeling of some luxury, and in our SPA department you can give yourself an extra treat.

Gullåna Spa

In Gullåna you can beside a Finish sauna find a bath tub, scrub yourself with epsom salt and enjoy a real Japanese bathing ritual with scrubbing, and you can sit and look straight up to spectacular mountains at the same time as feeling the refreshing water running down your own body. You sit on a wooden stool, soaping and scrubbing, and can poor cold or hot water from the wooden buckets over yourself. We promise you, it gives a very special and refreshing feeling.


Our sauna is wood supplied, which gives you a special feeling of warmth and comfort. Many people who normally do not enjoy being in a sauna, finds it refreshing and comfortable being in this one. The sauna has a window facing north with views of the forest and the beautiful mountain peaks surrounding Valldal. Its suggested to cool you down with a shower or going outisde between the sauna stay. After the sauna you can relax in our beautiful decorated lounge or the small tower on top of it with windows and a nice view in all 4 cardinals.


A variety of body treatments are available in Merete’s Garden given by highly qualified masseuses. 

Prices: 50 minutes massage NOK 930 pr. person

20 minutes shoulder/back massage NOK 450  pr person.

Write to us and make a reservation.

The Still Room Tower

The Still Room is the top of the bathhouse, a small tower has comfortable pillows and blankets where you can relax, read a book or just let your mind flow. With a view to the mountains and herbal garden,

The lounge under the tower is esthetically furnished with oak flooring and an open fireplace to enhance vitality and peace. Here you can  socialize with other guests or if alone stretch your legs at the day-bed. Did you by the way know that oak is the symbol of vitality and strength?