Terapi, coaching & mindfulness

Eg ønsker å skape eit rom der du kan føle deg trygg til å opne opp, utfalde deg og finne inn til kva som er sant for deg og ditt liv. Ved å utforske dei områda i livet vi er umedvitne, og verte kjend med sider av oss sjølv vi ikkje har vekt til liv, kan vi kjenne auka energi, livslyst og medvitenheit.


Therapeutic Conversation

This is conversation therapy and therapy with a focus on the body, in which I meet the client where the person is, with an open heart and mind.  It can be of help to resolve happenings from the past that has set root in the body and mind. It is aimed at being a help to find the right direction in life.  The emphasis is on the client to find his or her resources and hidden potential. No problem is too small to be talked about in a therapy session.  By integrating emotions and sensations in the body, you’ll feel more grounded and have more clarity. You might also experience a lasting change in your life.

Prices: NOK 650 per 60 minutes and NOK 6000 for 10 hours


Kr 750,- (1 t)

If you need help to make choices or obtain new goals in your private life or business life, coaching might be an efficient and useful help. Coaching might also be of help in your creative process. It offers you a way to see new possibilities and to get out of deadlocked situations.

Prices: NOK 750 for 60 minutes and NOK 7000 for 10 times


Private lessons

You learn some tools to practice on your own to reveal stress and obtain more harmony in life.

NOK 650 for 60 minutes.

You can book this by contacting Merete on phone +47 905 70 674 or email life@meretesgarden.no. Cancelling appointments should happen latest 18:00 previous day, else booking will be invoiced.