Luxury Spa House among mountains

A garden spa in a deep valley with high mountains and a river as neighbours

A handmade sauna of local aspen

The bath house was built in 2017 and invites you on a good Norwegian architectural tour where wood from local species is used extensively in both the floor, walls and ceiling. Environmentally friendly insulation material is used in the walls. The colors are luckily in horde colours. You should feel that the calm subsides and that the room invites me-time and low shoulders. Time stands still here. You can have a cup of tea or coffee in the coffee machine and sit down in a divan or retro chair. What does one take beyond the daily wear and tear than a bath? In meretes Garden, you take a warm bath with your gaze out the large windows towards the high mountains.

Book a massage. Our skilled masseuse is a trained classical masseuse from Sweden and gets a lot of praise from her customers. Do not hesitate to book an hour of beneficial massage.

The combination of sauna and massage is absolutely magical. In the sauna, your body gets time to de-stress and let the heat soften stiff muscles and switch off thoughts and stress. Then the masseuse can get deep into stiff muscles and aches in the body, release tension and soften connective tissue, which gives both an endorphin boost and a feeling of well-being

Our large sauna is made of local aspen. It is hand-crafted on site and you will see from the details that the carpenter has put his soul into the work. The large windows take you straight out into nature. The eyes can twitch both on treetops and mountains. from here you can also glimpse the river flowing past. The fittest take the trip there for a refreshing cool-down


Book a massage here:


 50 minutes massage NOK 950,-

20 mniutes back & shoulder massage  NOK 450,-